We bring your company up-to-speed with creative solutions to meet your English-related needs. We offer consultancy, classes, workshops, document management, and more:

  • Presentations

Need to present to an international crowd? We will prepare you, help you to create a successful presentation and get you ready for your big day.

  • Consultancy

If you are planning to travel abroad for business, we can get you and your company up to speed with: cultural awareness classes, contract negotiations, market research, e.t.c. In addition we are able to attend meetings with you and your teams, act on your behalf, translate documents, reports, websites, presentations, sales and marketing materials. We can also assist you with market research, interview preparation, English evaluations and tests, among many other things.

  • Corporate solutions

We prepare and deliver tailored training to your teams, create learning programs, workshops, team building exercises, provide immersion days, social events, private lessons, international trip preparations, translation and transcreation, creation of documents in English (business plans, project plans, proposals, etc) and more:

  • Provide representation on international trips, events, trade events, launch parties, prepare presentations in English and Portuguese in addition to providing travel companionship and consultancy on the go.

  • Meeting attendance, negotiations, and organising meetings.

We can help you at meetings, negotiate on your behalf, organise meetings and events abroad, and assist you with your international needs.